SOCIAL MEDIA can be time-consuming, sometimes overwhelming. But used correctly, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks can build rewarding, profitable relationships, based on innovative marketing strategies. If you need someone to help you navigate improvements to your social media marketing program contact me!

DEMAND GENERATION sets the tone for engagement in initial conversations, enabling your team to drive high-quality, high-velocity opportunities, and most important, exceed prospect and customer expectations in every interaction.  Let me do the same for you.  Reach me at

I work with businesses, organizations and nonprofits to effectively plan and manage projects, including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Project Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Development
  • Social Selling

Professional Facebook Examples:

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Company Branding Example:

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Twitter Engagement Example:

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Contextually Relevant use of # Twitter Example:

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Influencer Engagement Example via Twitter:

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Twitter B2B Example: 

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Professional Instagram Examples:


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Blog Example

*Also experienced in Snapchat, Pinterest, Periscope, Database Newsletters (E-Blast), blog content and on site experiential marketing events, video production.