Sales Hack – [Tip 1 of 4]

Are you having trouble connecting your product or service with the right individuals?  Does your approach to sales development need a shot in the arm?  I’ve been in your shoes before and trust me I know how you must feel.  The disappointing sales numbers are starting to add up and you might even be thinking that your business is a lost cause. What I want you to know however is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s possible, given a little time and energy, to dramatically change how your business connects with potential customers.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sales development hacks to help you improve your chances for sales success

So without further ado here is hack #1.

Develop a Process: Whether you own a small business or you plan to sell products or services as a sales development representative the most important thing to remember is that your success hinges upon your process and the most important thing you can do before ever attempting to make a sale is to map out your process from start to finish.  For instance, be sure to understand who your target customer is, how to contact them, when to contact them and over what period of time you are going to contact them.  Also, know how many times you plan to reach out to them before moving on to another prospect and most importantly understand when you plan to re-engage.  You’d be surprised at just how many sales reps ignore that last part and never re-engage after their first few failed attempts at connecting, this is a sure-fire way to miss out on sales opportunities.  Again, I can not stress enough just how important having a process such as this is.  Without a process that you can follow repeatedly any success you have will likely be short lived.

As always, if you need help in mapping out your sales development process feel free to reach out to me below. Should you decide to go it alone here is one resource from my good friends over at Hubspot that is sure to help you find success.

Advice to Retailers [2016]

In case you haven’t noticed the era of big-box retailers has come to an end.

That’s not to say that many of them won’t hang around for a few more years, clinging to life support. it’s just that the future of retail lies in being agile and brands that can best accomplish this will survive.

My insight into this is that ultimately the consumer has all the power in this relationship.  Retailers have the choice as to whether or not they re-evaluate their omnichannel strategy, their customer experience and how often they do so.  With that being the case, I can’t help but notice how soo many retailers, whether out of loyalty to one platform or because of unchecked egos, have grown complacent and are failing to keep up with changing consumer demand.  They simply believe they are infallible.

Word of advice, if you’re selling the same way in 5 years as you’re selling today you probably won’t be selling much.