April 29, 2019

Software / Tools – Day 8

We all have blind-spots whether we realize this or not.  This is especially true in Sales. So, as you read this chapter please reflect on all the resources, tools, people and software readily available to you.  For example, what is currently in place to help you succeed? Who are the people you can utilize as mentors and learn from? What are the processes and tactics you can leverage to set meetings?  What is the SLA or (Service Level Agreement) your activity will be measured against. The next few chapters will be your opportunity to explore these and other potential blind spots in order to improve upon your performance.

To start, let’s first look at the software and tools you have available.  Utilizing these more effectively will not only make you better at Sales Development but potentially shave hours off your day as you become more efficient. While this is a short chapter please don’t rush through this next part. Your effort matters and you will only get out of these questions what you put into them.

Please take the next few minutes to answer the following bulleted questions.  

  • What paid software do you have available?
  • What free software do you have access to?
  • Does your company use a CRM such as Salesforce to log your activities?  What are some other ways you can utilize your CRM?
  • What tools do you use to gain insights into the people and accounts you are reaching out to?
  • Which internet browser extensions are you using?  If you are not using any it’s time to up your game as there are countless extensions which can make your life easier
  • What other tools can you use to to be more effective?

Think critically on the above and list everything from the phone, to the computer, even the printers.  Once you’ve written down every possible thing you can think of consider the additional ways you can put these tools to use.  Seek your coworker’s, your Manager’s insight and even search online to learn how industry leaders might be using similar tools.  You can even message me on social media for added ideas.

By routinely assessing how you put your software to use and making adjustments where needed your ability to set meetings will grow exponentially. Once you have finished this chapter you are ready for the next.

Dan Saso

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

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