Finding Your Why – Day 1

The below is an excerpt from a book I’m working on. The goal is that the posts that follow over the course of the coming months flow logically and make sense to you. The days marked off below will correspond to the 30-60-90-day plan I recently created for a Sales Development Manager position opening at Malwarebytes. For those reading this even though I can’t be with you personally during your sales journey, your sales success and professional growth is my focus and the reason I am writing this. So, if these posts and ultimately the book that they comprise help you out in any way please reach out to me through social media and let me know. I would genuinely appreciate it. So without further ado…

Day 1

The following is what I’d like to focus on during our first “unofficial” 1 on 1 meeting. If you’re reading this then it’s likely sales is already a part of your life. Or you may have considered changing careers recently and for whatever reason sales struck your fancy. You may even be a current SDR. For some reason or another you are now reading this and as a result I feel obliged to make it worth your while. Thank you for your time by the way.

When it comes to sales, before you do anything, before you start reaching out to prospective customers before you even think about selling or picking up the phone do this first. I promise it will be worth it.

Get crystal clear on what your WHY is. What is the reason you’re going to wake up in the morning and give half of your day to this job and this company as opposed to another? WHY are you reading this? What has led you to this moment and most importantly what do you want to do next? Before we start down the road of Sales, I want you to take some time and really think about this. If you are sitting at your desk take 5 minutes, tune out the world and write down all your reasons as to WHY on a piece of paper because these are going to be the reasons that you persist through the hard times, the times that seek to break you. Are you starting a family? Are you finally going after your dreams? What is driving you? What is going to keep you from giving up the moment things don’t go as planned? In sales failure is inevitable. However, failure can’t get the best of you if your reason to persist is strong enough.

Spoiler, your WHY must be greater than your circumstance! 

So, if you haven’t already determined what your WHY is and what is driving you please take the next few minutes to reflect. Write your reasons as to WHY in the comment section below, on a blank piece of paper or wherever works best for you! I recommend reassessing your WHY as often as needed to ensure your reason to persist is greater than any reason to quit. In case you were wondering I feel this exercise is so vitally important for sales professionals because it gets people to think long term and not just about short term success metrics. The greater you can make your WHY the better chance you have at succeeding in this profession and in life.

Finding Your Why – Day 1