Poetry and Reflection [Paris Attack 2016]

Be the light in a world so filled with darkness. Be the rain in the fires of hatred’s rage. Be the music when we’ve lost all will to sing. Be love when the hearts of man have grown cold.

This is what is meant to be human. To endure.

– Dan Saso


Below is my response to the Paris attacks which took place 11/13/15

It is still a time for feeling, for questioning, for frantically clinging to some shred of normalcy when the rest of the world has gone mad. The time for words has yet to begin. It’s too early to pick up the pieces when the wounds have only just appeared, when the memories and images of unspeakable violence play on a loop in our minds. We are in limbo, frozen in a moment. It’s all a bad dream we tell ourselves, knowing all too well that the real dream is a reality far removed from the hell we are now in. Why did this happen? There is no level of discourse, or the ability to find a common ground with such malicious intent. Violence, like a wave crashing down, holds us hostage to its will. It spins us and slams us and tries its best to break us for the will of the wave is destruction. So I sit here in silence, gasping for air as this violence drags me under, numb to all things but the wave. The perpetrators, lost at sea, are no longer a part of the humanity we all share here on earth. The shock consumes me, a part of life that is without meaning, without reason, and without justice.

Author: Dan Saso

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein