1min. Social Media Quick Tip

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The following Social Media Marketing Strategy should take you 1 min. to read.

The reason I’ve kept it so short is to show you that you do not need to over think social media. You should never feel overwhelmed when engaging in this form of marketing and outreach. Simply break your social media strategy into the least amount of moving parts and work from there.



Who are you trying to engage? – Supporters? Volunteers? Customers? Brand Advocates?

Where do they hang out? What do they talk about? – Which Networks?



What’s in it for you? – More fans? More emails? More Customers? 



How will you measure success? – Engagement rate, Impressions, #Shares, Website Referrals?

How will you promote the campaign? –  What Social Media Channels



What tools and tactics will you use? – Buffer? Hootsuite? 3rd party Content Curation services?

Author: Dan Saso

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein