Sell me this Pen in [2017]

two golden pens laying on a white counter

The following is my answer to the question posed in a recent podcast by my friend Brian Burns, “Do You Know How to Answer the “Sell me this Pen” Question?”

I believe the best way to “sell” the pen is to ask as many questions as it takes to uncover whether there is or isn’t a genuine need or desire for the pen. Keep the dialog open and honest.  If the prospect is a likely buyer of “the pen” then it will be a much easier conversation.  Selling the pen is not simply the outcome of having secured a sale, but the action of everything that takes place prior to the sale.

“Sell me This Pen” should be understood in the context of a verb.  Go through the actions of “selling” me this pen.

Author: Dan Saso

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein