My Top 5 Reasons to Connect Online [2016]

The reason I felt compelled to write this is that as a sales professional I’ve often come across people underutilizing the power of social media. Adding to that, my personal mission has always been to connect people with the opportunity to succeed, especially when it comes to doing things differently to achieve greater outcomes. I hope you find this blog to be of value and that it helps you to achieve greater success in your endeavors that require connecting with the right people at the right time.

Here are my “Top 5 reasons to Connect on social media and why if you are a sales professional you should practically be living on LinkedIn… 24/7.

  1. Connect with others Did you know that by increasing your 1st-degree network your 2nd and 3rd-degree networks will grow exponentially? This makes you literally one connection away from millions of people. This matters because the greater your network of 1st-degree connections is, the greater your chance is at connecting with the specific decision makers you should be reaching out to through a warm referral.
  2. Make yourself discoverable Did you know that anytime you share an update on LinkedIn it is likely being viewed by as much as 20% of your network? Simply put, any time you update your status or profile, it shows up on the homepage of everyone you are connected to. When you have a larger network your updates have a greater chance at being viewed, shared and keeping you and your brand top of mind.
  3. Build that database Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts and their contact information? Take advantage of this, your database of connections is one of your most valuable assets and you should be able to leverage it even if you’re not signed into LinkedIn.
  4. Generate additional opportunities When you are “top of mind” for people who do not know you as well as others, being active on LinkedIn is a great way to generate opportunities. Not only will having a larger network allow you to get your name/face/messaging in front of more eyeballs but when someone has a problem that you and your solution can solve there is a greater possibility that you will be thought of first.
  5. Become a leader in your field The more people that you can connect with, inspire, help, educate and influence, the bigger the impact you will have on the world. This creates the potential for more referrals, recommendations, leads and allows you a greater platform with which to broadcast your thought leadership within your business niche.

Let me know what you think about these “Top 5 Reasons to Connect Online” in the comment section below or feel free to find me on twitter @DanSaso